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Our goal -

At Oakcrest Elementary our teachers and staff strive to make a positive impact on each student's life.  We are proud of the hard work our Eagles show each and every day. 

PBS Student Team Helping Kids

First 9 Weeks PBS Dance Party - 2017

Puzzle Time for Positive Behavior

Puzzle Time for Positive Behavior

Terrific Kids February 2018

PBS at Oakcrest Elementary

March 2018 Terrific Kids



Next PBS Dance Party

Our next PBS Dance Party will be Friday, March 23, 2018.  We are so excited about our upcoming Circus themed Dance Party and we are hoping to have the largest dance party yet!!!

Second 9 Weeks PBS Dance Party - 2017

Eagle Expectations Around School

Transition Position

Walk on the stars

Hands by your side

Face forward

Mouths closed/No talking



Share all equipment

Follow all playground rules

No jumping off equipment

Line up in transition position


  Bus Riders

Use quiet voices

Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

Sit in assigned seat

Wear seat belt at all times

Oakcrest Eagles Have P.R.I.D.E.

Positive Attitude



Determined to Succeed

Engaged learner

Hallway Expectations

Hallway Expectations

PBS Team Members

Lori Martin Coach
Peggie Bosso Kindergarten
Philip Jones 1st Grade
Ouida Saunders 2nd Grade
Michelle Ware 3rd Grade
Beth Dunaway 4th Grade/ ESE
John Herber

5th Grade/


Janet Coker/Donya Daggs ESOL
Charles Crosby Special Area
Linda Bonifay Principal